Saturday, June 24, 2017

Final Blog Post

These last eight weeks have FLOWN by. I have enjoyed keeping up with everyone and their blog. This course was so different than anything I have taken before. We have been able to be open and share things that interest us. I would have never even created a blog if it wasn't for this course. I have learned that social media is a huge part of marketing. It is way bigger than I expected. I never pay attention to all the ads on social media, but when I started this class and it was brought to my attention I was blown away. Social media is a great place to post ads about your business. In my opinion that is one of the only ways small, local business can get their name out there. Most people don't read newspapers or anything like that, it is all social media. I would like to learn more about YouTube and even use it more. The amount of people on YouTube is incredible. I haven't been on twitter in a really long time, but I think that is a good site that more people look at. The hashtag side of it is really nice, because you could start a hashtag for your business and if enough people started using that hashtag you'd become pretty popular. I will also use LinkedIn a lot more. I am glad Dr. Rahim encouraged us to update our profile and make sure everything is professional. I want people to be impressed by my pages and want to hire me. First impressions are everything. Thank you for following me these last eight weeks! It has been fun!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Blog Post 5 Podcast

Hey guys I am attaching a podcast for you to check out. It is a short podcast introducing myself and my brand. This was a whole new thing for me. I have never done a podcast, so I tried to have fun with it and not be too shy. Kayla Holtmeyer Podcast

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blog Post 4 Professional Social Media

Professional social media is a big deal. It is how we stay connected with so many people. We also have the opportunity to connect with new people. With professional social media you can also be presented with opportunities you would have never thought of. Employers who are looking to hire can get on sites like LinkedIn and view your profile and see if they are interested. Once they have received your resume they can view your profile on professional sites and put a face with a name and learn even more about you. Since starting this class I have realized how important it is to keep your profile up to date and professional.

I have accounts on all of the sites. Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are my favorite out of social media sites. I have been working on focusing my posts towards positive things, and things involving moms. We all need love and support and when someone visits my blog or Facebook page I want them to find that. I want to help other moms if I can and also share advice that I have found helpful. Being a mom isn't easy but I have found a new passion after having my first baby.

I highly recommend people creating a LinkedIn profile. It is the best way to connect with professional people in your area. You never know you can help you find the job of your dreams just because of a few connections.

I have joined Teething Tots and Boone. I love following companies that I use their products. It keeps me up to date on everything they are coming out with and products that maybe I haven't tried yet. I am still looking for other mom groups to follow that I will benefit from.

I have seen the importance on keeping my LinkedIn profile up to date. I am so glad I have updated it and made changes. I now check it almost everyday. You never know when the perfect opportunity will pop up.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Blog 3 Baby Advice

I found a vlog that I really enjoy! Caitlyn Neier has a great vlog on YouTube. She gives great advice on many things baby wise, and gives us updates on all the changes her baby is going through. I love her vlog because she is very open about products she uses for her baby and how things work for her and her baby. Watching her vlog on teething, I realized my baby is doing many of the same things her baby is. I love how our babies are so close in age. She also puts a few things for moms on there. She has a short vlog about a 10 minute make up routine. Moms need a little time for themselves. I really appreciate how she is motivating to moms and encourages them to get themselves ready and feel great each day. I know first hand the better you feel the better mom and all around person you can be. This fits in perfectly with my branding strategy. I want moms to feel good when reading a blog or watching a vlog It doesn't always have to be business oriented. Like I have said many times I want to create those "relationships" with other moms.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Time for blog post number two! I am really enjoying reading other blogs and seeing what everyone else is up to. This week we were to find five other blogs that will help us with creating our own personal brand. Through reading different blogs, trying to decide which one's to follow I realized I love mom blogs. I learned some very interesting things already. Most of the mom blogs are encouraging and letting you know we all go through the same things and to not feel alone. I am shocked at all the blogs and all the information and tips they offer. I wanted to follow blogs that pertain to anything and everything a mom might face. I followed two blogs that had specific articles on teething. One good one had the dos and don'ts of teething, which will help greatly with my branding strategy. The other blogs discuss other things moms go through on a daily basis, and by reading those I can see good ways to approach moms about a new product. They talk about what they are concerned with and what they aren't, and also how their kids react to different things.

The five blogs I am following are:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Introduction Blog

Welcome to my very first blog. I invite everyone to join in on life's journey with me. I am so excited to start a blog. I have always enjoyed writing short little blurbs, but never had the guts to actually start my own blog. I have a husband, two dogs, and a 5 month old baby boy. Our life is just a little crazy, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I want to share exciting things and real life experiences over the next 8 weeks. My goal for this blog is to be encouraging and to put a smile on everyones face who reads it. Balancing life and school is sometimes very challenging, but I encourage everyone to stick with it. You got this!